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Why MENUi?

Our idea is to make not another app of endless others where your customers have to download first an app and then register to get started with your business.

MENUi's easier

Digitized and up-to-date

Present your products and offers digitally, up-to-date and clearly. Don't wait any longer with a new menucard when your supplier's prices already blow your head

check-iconRemove costs of printing
check-iconNo more costs of designing your menu card
check-iconIncrease sales and customer satisfaction through easy processes

Your products in focus

Skilfully stage your offers and set yourself apart from the competition with your products. Whether as a Take-Away and delivery service or directly in your restaurant - Menui offers many opportunities to improve your processes with the aim of increasing sales and achieving more customer satisfaction!

check-iconProduct images
check-iconProduct videos
check-iconAdditional information on allergens, origin, preparation & ingredients

Product management

MENUi enables you to quickly and easily create and conveniently manage products in categories, subcategories and language. It doesn't matter whether it's product or category images, changed assortment, new products or updated prices or information about your range and the origin of your ingredients. If a product is not available you can simply set it inactive and it will not be shown to your customers!


Take Away

MENUi offers an integrated take away service with possibility to decide when to use it or not! Offer pick-ups for specific times only! Stay prepared for the next lockdown and offer your customers to stay in touch with you.

check-iconDaily automated opening / closing
check-iconMinimum preparation time handling for each day
check-iconProfessional order confirmation

Delivery Service

Just get started with your own delivery service in no time. Respond flexibly and handle your resources with just a few clicks -> only offer delivery service if you have enough staff, or only on certain days of the week at certain times.

check-iconArrange delivery days, times, costs or the minimum preparation time
check-iconDetermine places for delivery service availability
check-iconSet a minimum order value

Locally Orders

Decide whether to take local orders conventionally, via QR code or simply record them yourself with the built-in scanner functionality in order to improve waiting times and processes in general.

check-iconCreate and manage your seats.
check-iconRecord average waiting times from ordering to completion
check-iconGive impatient guests the opportunity to call a waiter

Take orders in no time

Take orders very quickly with the integrated scan function to have them delivered directly to where they're being prepared. Are you thinking about the endless benefits of this opportunity?

check-iconMinimize waiting times
check-iconImprove processes
check-iconIncrease sales
check-iconMore profit
check-iconNo extra scanning devices required

Paying made easy

Fully integrated payment options provide your customers to pay online in an easy way


One APP - your branding

Achieve more customer loyalty when guests save your website as a web-app to stay connected with you. Having your icon on customer home screens is a key engagement feature. The look & feel of this web-app feels like a conventional app and the advantages range from offline usage up to use the app on all devices without downloading from a store!

Customer management

You can easily and conveniently manage your customers with MENUi. Returning customers can place orders and table reservations faster.


Smart table reservation

Generally, it's well known that people from "today" no longer want to make phone calls. Give them the opportunity to reserve a seat in your business within a just few steps and send an automated, professional reservation confirmation. Try it out now.



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Choose date


Create events for your location and increase the range for your events through web presence.



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Minimize waiting times - improve processes!

MENUi offers several different use cases which making your processes more efficiently and faster with the aim of more customer satisfaction and there is definitely a use case for you too.

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Create your own communication channel for your business. Write stories and keep your customers up to date. This allows you to provide deep insights into what is going on with your business and of course giving you the opportunity to present your company up close. Furthermore, stories offer creative opportunities to force and maintain customer contact. An additional share function leads to more range.



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Do you want to customize MENUi even more - no problem

check-iconApp branding
check-iconindividual Domain
check-iconand lot more possibilities to connect MENUi with your business.
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