Delivery Service

The MENUi Delivery Service: Flexibility in Your Hands

With the MENUi delivery service, you respond flexibly and manage your resources with just a few clicks. Offer deliveries only when enough staff is available or limit them to specific days and times. Free yourself from the constraints of large companies that withhold up to 30% of your revenue, and simply launch your own delivery service!

Delivery service for digitized menu

Why Choose the MENUi Delivery Service?

  • Set delivery days, times, and costs: Tailor the delivery service to your needs and determine when and at what cost it is available.

  • Define delivery locations: Specify the areas where you want to deliver and expand your reach.

Define delivery locations in your digitized menu

  • Set a minimum order value: Establish a minimum order value to ensure that deliveries are economically viable for you.

Minimum order value for digitized delivery service

Preserve your independence, retain control over your delivery options, and successfully launch your own delivery service!

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