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Optimize Local Orders with MENUi

Local orders made easy

With our local ordering feature, you have the flexibility to adapt the ordering process based on available staff, optimizing your operations. Choose whether to accept traditional orders, use QR codes, or capture orders directly with a scanner on any smartphone without the need for expensive handheld devices! In total, these options lead to shorter waiting times for your customers and increased productivity through more efficient workflows.

Local Orders in MENUi

Why Choose Our Local Ordering Feature?

  • Create and manage your tables: Efficiently organize your space by creating and managing tables to keep everything in order.

Manage your tables easy and fast

  • Capture waiting times: With MENUi, you can capture and analyze the average, longest, and shortest waiting times for guests from ordering to serving.

  • Call staff when needed: Provide impatient guests with an easy way to call staff and expedite service.

Staff call feature in MENUi

Optimize your local ordering processes with MENUi and offer your guests a seamless and efficient experience.

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