MENUi Take-Away Service: Tailored Flexibility

With the integrated Take-Away Service from MENUi, you have control over when and how to use it! Offer pickups at specific times, be prepared for potential lockdowns, and enable your customers to stay connected with you.

Take-Away feature for digitized menu

Why MENUi Take-Away?

  • Automated Opening/Closing: Decide when the Take-Away Service is available by automatically opening or closing it based on your operating hours or special offers.

Set individual opening for Take-Away

  • Set Minimum Preparation Time/Day: Set the minimum preparation time for orders and establish daily limits to ensure efficient operations and increase customer satisfaction.

Minimum preperation time for dishes

  • Professional Order Confirmations: Your customers automatically receive professional order confirmations, building trust and ensuring a smooth process for their orders.

Professional order confirmation

Stay flexible, maintain control, and offer your customers a convenient way to enjoy your culinary offerings with the MENUi Take-Away Service, no matter where they are.

Flexible control with digitized menu

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