Product Management

Efficient Product Management with MENUi

With MENUi, you can quickly and easily create and manage products in categories, subcategories, and languages. Whether it's about product or category images, changes in the assortment, new products, updated prices, or information about the origin of your ingredients – MENUi provides you with the tools to effortlessly organize and maintain your product list. Even if a product is temporarily unavailable, you can simply set it to inactive, and it won't be shown to your customers!

Product management with MENUi

Key Features of Product Management

  • Categories: Organize your products in clear categories.
  • Subcategories: Further divide your products to create a clear structure.

Manage subcategories for your articles in your digitized menu card

  • Language: Ensure that your product information is available in different languages.
  • Information on Allergens, Origin, Preparation & Ingredients: Provide your customers with comprehensive information about your products.
  • Photos and Videos: Showcase your products vividly with high-quality images and videos.
  • Availability: If a product is temporarily unavailable, simply set it to inactive, and it will no longer be displayed.

Utilize the product management features of MENUi to comfortably organize and maintain your product data, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

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