Showcasing and Managing Your Products Effectively with MENUi

Showcasing and Managing Your Products Effectively with MENUi

Your products in glance with MENUi

With MENUi, you have the opportunity to skillfully showcase your products and stand out with innovative offerings from the competition. Whether you offer Take-Away / Delivery services or serve your customers directly in the restaurant, MENUi offers numerous possibilities to improve your processes and achieve the goal of increased sales and heightened customer satisfaction!

Perfect Product Presentation

With MENUi, you can present your products optimally, capturing the attention of your customers. Here are some features that elevate your product presentation to the next level:

  • Product Photos: Display your products in all their glory with high-quality photos.
  • Product/Cooking Videos: Use videos to vividly showcase the preparation of your dishes or introduce your products.
  • Information on Allergens, Origin, Preparation & Ingredients: Inform your customers comprehensively about the relevant details of their orders.
  • Powerful Search: Allow your customers to quickly and easily search for products, keywords in descriptions, or ingredients to ensure an optimal shopping experience.

Customers can search quickly and easily in digitized menu

Efficient Product Management

MENUi not only facilitates presentation but also the management of your products. Here are some features of product management:

  • Categories and Subcategories: Quickly and easily categorize your products into various categories and subcategories.

Categories and subcategories in digitized menu card

  • Multilingual Options: Ensure that your information is available in different languages.
  • Easy Updates: Effortlessly update product images, changes in the assortment, new products, or prices.
  • Deactivating Products: If a product is temporarily unavailable, simply deactivate it, and it will no longer be displayed.

Deactivate unavailable products in digitized menu

Utilize MENUi to effectively showcase and manage your products, providing your customers with a premium experience!

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